Thursday, February 19, 2009


Why Selling Art on a Website Like Is Beneficial!

Selling online can be a very lucrative and satisfying way to sell your art. It allows you to reach both national and international markets without spending alot of your hard earned capitol. Online sales of all types of goods are increasing at an exponential rate as more and more people discover the convenience of online shopping. Now is a great time to consider selling your art online!

The conventional way of marketing art is to put up a website with a shopping cart and wait for the buyers to visit your site and buy. There's only one problem. Not enough people find your site!! With the increasing competition in the art world, it's not surprising that it can be difficult to attract traffic to an independent website.

Some artists have chosen to market their creations on Ebay. This can be a potentially lucrative market, although it's difficult to get your asking price in an environment where many people are searching for bargains. With the recent fee increases initiated by Ebay, it's becoming more and more difficult to make a decent profit selling art via online auctions.

Fortunately, there's an affordable alternative. You can sell your jewelry through an online gallery. The advantages to selling through a gallery are:

1. The online gallery will promote the site by getting high placement with the search engines and by direct advertising. This takes some of the burden in trying to introduce your art.

2. Buyers who come to an online gallery are generally motivated buyers. They are looking for a special gift or a unique piece of art for themselves. They don't have to be sold on what you have to offer since they're already in a buying mood.

3. Exhibiting in an online gallery gives you credibility as an artist. When buyers see you have a presence in an online art gallery, they think of you as being a true artist rather than just another online retailer. After all, people are accustomed to buying art in the physical world from an art gallery which makes them more comfortable dealing in a gallery setting.

Excerpt taken from article Written by K. Leong M.D.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Handmade In America

We found a great site that we think will be of great interest to all of you! Check it out!

Based in the Blue Ridge Mountains, HandMade in America was founded in 1993 with a belief that economic revitalization wasn't necessarily tied to luring "modern" industry to the region but in making known the hidden heritage and craftspeople that are so vitally a part of Western North Carolina. Today, HandMade is a nationally recognized, multidimensional institution that has sparked initiatives and creative collaborations in education, small town revitalization and community development, economic development, environmentally sustainable strategies and enhanced opportunities for makers of the handmade object, heritage tourism, and incorporating crafts into building design and furnishing.

We don't teach crafts-making, or make or sell objects, but we do serve as a support system for craftspeople and the craft industry.

Check out their website at

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Can't find THESE at the Mall! Give Something TRULY special!

Great Gift Giving Starts Here!
There is SO Much To See at!

Over 4,000 Products!!!!

Belly In Time Casting Kit" for New Mommies to Be
Click Here to View!

Handmade Fine Silver Pendant with Brass Inset "Harmony"
Click Here to View!

"Initial J Double Sided Soldered Beveled Pendant Necklace"

(you can request any Initial you want from the artist!)
Click Here to View! is:
The Place to Shop for All Things "Handcrafted" Created by Artisans from around the Country!
"You don't have to take a road trip to find a "Unique" gift!"

Artisans: Join & have your own "On-line Gallery" for just $6.95/Month!
Set up your gallery in Minutes and join a fantastic community of artists!
Visit Today

GoZabo Welcomes New Oklahoma Artist
~Estela Romanos~
Check out Estela's Gallery "Stelabird" Today!

GoZabo Welcomes New Oklahoma Artist

~Carter Sampson~

Creator of fun, unique, refreshingly different Handmade Stationery!
Check out Carter's "The Hyper Bunny"

Our Featured Products!
"Petoskey Stone Michigan Pendant"

Nice Petoskey Stone Michigan Pendant. Measures approx. 1-1/8" x 7/8". Polished and shaped front and back. Has a sterling silver bail. It has been drilled and pegged with a sterling silver peg also. All artist's jewelry are made with top quality Petoskey stones.

ONLY $20.00 Click Here to View!

"Copper Heart Ornament-Perfect for the Tree"

These ornaments are handmade. First they are cut from a sheet of copper and then a brass swirl is soldered on. The Artist works with her torch to get that beautiful copper color. They have an acrylic finish and will not tarnish. Hearts come in 2 sizes - approx 1 3/4" and 2 1/8" high.When you order you will get both. These are not your mother's ornaments! Use to hang on cabinets, from doorknobs, on wrapped gifts and in fundraiser gift-bags. Great for that extra touch on a wine bottle!

ONLY $5.00 Click Here to View!

"Pumpkin Patch" Great Fall Tote!

With a bright orange background and nubby brown dots, Pumpkin Patch is sure to dress up any cool-weather wardrobe. She is 10" long, 7" tall, and 3" wide and comes lined with an internal pocket. Everything is kept secure with a magnetic closure and one 24" strap that runs through fabric loops...all designed so when she's picked up, the handle closes the bag to keep everything tucked inside.

ONLY $49.00 Click Here to View!
GoZabo's Inspirational Quote of the Week: Happy are those who dream DREAMS and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
Leon J. Suenes
Find All Your Christmas Gifts at
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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Desires of the Heart!

Jewelry may not lead you on lifes' journey,
but it sure makes you Look great as you head down its path!"

-Anonymous Presents:
Julie Claire DeVoe -
Jeweler & Creator of Chimera Designs

Julie handcrafts fine jewelry in karat gold and sterling silver using unique and varied gemstones.
Most, if not all, of Julie's work on Gozabo are one-of-a-kind pieces that will not be duplicated. Although it is often hard to capture every aspect of a piece of jewelry in just one small photo, Julie will be happy to e-mail more pictures and more specific descriptions of any items you are interested in.
For all of you Michiganders out there, you can always stop by Julie's store located in historic downtown Lowell, Michigan where she has her own design studio.
If you would like to contact Julie about a special project or design you have in mind email her here.

GoZabo wanted to know more!

How long have you been making Jewelry?
"6 Years as an adult. My jewelry making began when I was 13 and sold earrings at a mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan on consignment."

Briefly describe your technique & process of how you make your jewelry.
"I do a lot of hand fabrication which involves bending and shaping the gold or silver as opposed to the casting method."

What are some of the differences in working with gold vs. silver?
"Gold solders like butter compared to silver which is much more difficult. Hard to get a mirror finish on silver."

How do you choose the stones you use in your pieces?
"I look for "movement" in the gem, like an interesting pattern or facet configuration."

How long does it usually take to create a unique piece of jewelry?
" Anywhere from 3-18 hours."

What makes being a jeweler so enjoyable for you?
"Solitary mind travel and building something that surprises me!"

Can people bring their own jewels and diamonds in to you and have you use them in a design they would like to create with you?

Where did you learn your trade?
"Self taught with help from Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan & Blaine Lewis, Master Jeweler, at the 'New Approach School for Jewelers'."

Tell us something funny about yourself:
"I carry on very vocal conversations with myself while I work!"

What has been the most challenging for you as a jeweler?
"Knowing when a piece has been "worked" enough- knowing when to stop."

What is your favorite Inspirational saying or quote?
"What IF the "Hokey Pokey" IS what it is all about?"

Any Festivals you will be showing in the near future?
"Sleigh bells & Holly at the Lowell Arts Council in Lowell, Michigan from November 15th through Christmas."

List Accomplishments, awards, recognitions:
"Sole parent of 3 children who are now happy and successful adults." (GoZabo says "MAJOR KUDOS"!)

What do you think makes an artist successful?
"Creating a piece that speaks to me as well as to the person it was designed for!"

Where does the inspiration of your pieces come from?
"First from detailed conversations with the person I am designing for when it is a commissioned piece. My other ideas happen when driving fast in my 300hp Mustang GT!"

One goal that you would still like to achieve and haven't yet?
"I am pretty content for now, but I would like to get to spend some time in Big Sur with my husband Cliff."

To view Julie's Gallery click HERE
We would like to thank our loyal visitors of and as always we wish you much success and have a wonderful and safe weekend!

The GoZabo Gang

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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Mug Shots

Not all "Mugs" are created "Equal"! Takes a look at Paul Needham, Creator & Artist of "Paint Creek Pottery".

Who Is Paul?

Paul Needham is a retired ceramics teacher of 32 years from the Lake Orion School District in Michigan.
Currently, when not busy making pottery, Paul spends his time relaxing at his Northern Michigan home.
His hobbies include; spending time with his family, traveling during the winter months, working in his yard,
cruising Six Mile Lake on his boat, and of course, making pottery.

GoZabo wanted to know More!

How long have you been making Pottery?
"A long time...Seems Like Forever..Since 1972, 35 years!"

Describe your technique and what causes the color variations in your products:
"Mugs are wheel thrown, high fired stoneware, reduction fired in a gas kiln which creates the variations in color of the glazes."

How long does it take to make a mug?
"Many steps are involved in making a mug..wheel time is about 30-40 minutes, but then several additional
steps must be taken for dry-time, bisque firing time, glaze time and glaze firing time!"

What makes being a potter so enjoyable for you?
"It's easy.. and the end product is rewarding."

Where did you learn your trade?
"Central Michigan University where I earned a MFA (Master's of Fine Arts)."

What has been the most challenging for you as a potter?
"Moving the 30 cubic foot kiln five times from one home to the other!"

What do you think makes an artist successful?
"Bringing the media to the public."

Explain the difference between Pottery & Ceramics:
"The same in my mind, pottery IS ceramics."

Are your mugs dishwasher, microwave AND oven safe?

What is your favorite Inspirational saying?
"Will it matter tomorrow?"

Visit Paul's Gallery on! is a place to shop for Handcrafted, Unique & Original Gifts without having to take a road trip (and with gas prices now a days, that's a Huge Perk)!

Thank you for being a loyal GoZabo visitor. We will continue to provide you with weekly updates of New Products, Artists, Special Promotions & Contests!

As always we wish you much success in all you do!

The GoZabo Gang
Click HERE to contact us!
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Monday, September 10, 2007


Handcrafted Gifts for Horse Lovers!'s Product Picks of the Week!

Handcrafted Unique & Original Art for Horse Lovers!

Want to find that perfect Gift that makes You Look like a Hero?
Want something Handmade & Unique?
Don't want to look like you ran to your local mall & hastily "Grabbed" something ( mass produced from Taiwan or China) off the shelf to give as a gift?
Don't want to spend a ton of time shopping but LOOK like you did? is all about handcrafted, handmade, unique one-of-a-kind gifts of Fine Arts & Crafts! Enjoy's Weekly Product Picks Making Shopping Enjoyable & Exciting once again!

Brown Beauty Stained Glass Mosaic Horse!

Unique Original Work of Art!
Only $95.00
Buy It Now!

Patterned Prancing Horse Gourd

Great for Any Horse Lover as an accent that creates a conversation!
Only $129.00
Buy It Now!

Handmade Ceramic Horse Hair Vase

Only $60.00!
Contact this artist and have her make you a vase with your own horse (or dog) hair!
Buy It Now!

Hand Scrolled Wood Carousel Horse

This piece is NOT laser cut by a machine! This artist HAND scrolls all of her products! (AAHH, back to REAL art!)
Only $43.00
Buy It Now!

"Ebony/Ivory" Original Art Horse Photography

2 8x10 Prints Matted and Framed!
This picture is exquisite folks! Much more vivid than the pictures can do it justice!
The Photographer - Jerry Johnson -is well known for his Unique charm with horses(and mules)!
Only $100.00
But It Now!

Hand Scrolled Rearing Horse Leaf

Size: approx. 7 X 8"
Hand cut on a scroll saw out of baltic birch hardwood plywood.Full Back ready to hang!
Only $23.00 (That includes Shipping!) See this artist for more Horse Hand cut scroll art!
Buy It Now!

Handmade Ceramic Horse Hair Bowl

Decorative horse hair bowl comes with a designer black metal stand. 14" wide & 5" tall on stand. Horse hair pieces are porous and therefore are for decorative use only. They are not food safe.
Only $90.00
Buy It Now!

Original Photography Horse Picture "Shy One"

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition!
Only $185.00
Buy It Now!

Original Art Horse Photography "Four Friends"

Only $125.00
Buy It Now!

Original Art Horse Photography "Soul"

Award Winning - Limited Edition Print. Signed and Numbered!
Only $125.00
Buy It Now!

Original Art Horse Picture "Heart"

Signed and Numbered limited Edition Print
Only $185.00
Buy It Now!

For The Show Ring or Just For Show!

"Charoite and Amethyst Earrings and Pendant set in 14 Kt white Gold"

The charoite pieces are 8x16mm. The earrings feature 8mm square pillow cut amethyst and the pendant has a 4mm round amethyst set in a bezel. All mounted in 14kt white gold.

Only $600.00
Buy It Now!

Handmade Jewelry Turquoise Keshi Pearl Fantasy Necklace Charm

Artist used the beautiful genuine turquoise as the starting point for this necklace/pendant. After framing it with beads she strung Keshi Pearls to make a 20" necklace. The clasp is sterling silver. Center stone is aprox. 1" x 3/4". This is one of her original creations - The soft white of the pearls enhances the beauty of the deep blue turquoise. New, comes gift boxed.
Only $79.99
Buy It Now!

Handmade jewelry Turquoise and Crystal Semi-Precious Gemstone Dangly Charm

Great for Horse's Mane or On a Zipper!
Only $12.50!
Buy It Now!
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Thursday, September 6, 2007


Handcrafted Unique Gifts for Under $50.00!'s product Picks of the Week For Under $50.00!

For the Entertainers or Wine Lovers in Your Life!

Appetizer Tray & Cocobolo Wood Wine Stopper
For the Cook or Wine Lover in your life! Just add Wine!
Both for only $45.00!

Appetizer Tray Only $35.00
Buy It Now!

Cocobolo Wood Wine Stopper Only $10.00
Buy It Now

Handcrafted Wood Box! Great for giving her that "Special Something!"

Great Daughter, Sweetheart or Mother's Gift!

Only $35.00
Buy It Now!

Initial Double Sided Soldered Beveled Pendant Necklace!

Request a necklace with your initials today! Just contact this artist online!

Only $23.50
Buy It Now!

Oriental Paisley Wall Hanging

Only $30.00
Buy It Now!

Dichroic Glass Dish and Choice of 3 Handmade Soaps!

Both for Only $37.00!

Only $19.00
Buy It Now!

You Pick Gift Set! Any Three bars!

Only $18.00
Buy It Now!

For The Kids (Or the Kid in You)!

Prehistoric Great Lakes Book and High Quality Laser Edition Work of Art!
Both for only $40.00!

Prehistoric Great Lakes Book
Artist Signed First Edition Children's Book!

Only $20.00
Buy It Now!

Adventure Bound!

Only $20.00
Buy It Now

Check out ALL of our Unique Gift Items At Today!

Julia Thomas
& The GoZabo Gang
P.O Box 398
Greenville, Michigan 48838

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